Birth of a project

I was getting dressed for a friend's birthday party and I didn't know what I was going to put on my body. I looked in my closet and it seemed empty, unpromising. I've had these moments before; everything was old, ill-fitting, or blah. I thought to myself, "Ugh! I have NOTHING to wear!" Then I began rifling through my closet and saw a forgotten shirt I loved and many more, and I realized I was crazy. I had plenty to wear, and plenty to choose from. My closet was FULL of treasures! At that moment I decided I would take a year to explore my closet and to add NOTHING new to my wardrobe.

I would create a NEW outfit for each day in order to maximize my wardrobe and shake up my style.

Basically, I would try to "snap out" of my fashion rut, and appreciate what I have.

It was my New Years' project:
One Closet, One Year.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

100 Posts!

This is my 100th post! My golly I can't believe it! I am not usually one to commit to anything, but I'm not even half way through the year, so I better not jinx myself! Yesterday, in my rush to get out of the house, I did not really check to make sure I was wearing a new combo. I was fairly sure I was, but when I was posting my pictures, I started to panic. What if I mistakenly wore a repeat outfit and ruined my project?

Jordan is the best stepson ever. He is nice, funny, and cool. I will be very sad when he leaves but I can't wait to spend time with him during his vacation.

The above line was written by my stepson as I was wrangling the kids into bed.  As step sons go, Jordan is pretty cool, but he is annoying at times, as all teenagers are. It's what they do. I am sure most teenagers would say the same thing about grown ups... So we're even.

As I sat down for the third time to try to write this post, I realized that in addition to my hosting people for the last 5 days, the boys have been out of school. This has made posting more harried and difficult. I keep getting interrupted and I can't keep my train of thought.  If I still have people looking at this blog after these lame posts, I PROMISE to deliver some very juicy gossip that involves celebrities! Actually, that isn't true. I have had some celebrity encounters recently, but I DON'T gossip! Actually, that isn't true either. I do gossip on occasion.  


In honor of my beloved and respectable house guests from New York, I am wearing a shirt from the 2002 New York International Children's Film Festival! It was started by Eric Beckman and Emily Shapiro and it is celebrating it's 13th year!!! This year, one of their films was nominated for an Academy Award and it is coming to L.A. this weekend! It is called The Secret of Kells. I am really looking forward to seeing it!

Shirt: I fashioned this long ago. I volunteered for the festival for many years, but the 2002 festival was the first year I was NOT there. Big bummer for me, but they still gave me a shirt! (back of shirt above)

Black long sleeve shirt: This was a gift from Richard a few years back. It is from REI and was meant to keep me warm as I was constantly complaining that I was cold when I rode my bike.

Skirt: Hand me down from friend. Old Navy.

Shoes: American Eagle.

This is Leo hamming it up for the camera!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tourist Attractions!

As I said yesterday, we have friends visiting from New York, so I have been a little distracted. Today we went to the Santa Monica Pier, so we rushed out of the house and we were gone ALL day! When we got home I had to make dinner, so I am just sitting down now to post, and it is almost midnight in New York! I haven't even checked my email today!  Since I want to get this done before midnight in New York, I am going to just put up my outfit and move on!

When we left the house this morning it was very chilly and overcast, so I wore layers and and brought back-up in the form of a vest. Of course, it became boiling hot and I had on too many layers.


Jacket: Goodwill. Ann Taylor.

Sweater Vest: Same as yesterday (I got dressed in a hurry). Jay street. NYC. Old.

Black sweater: (Underneath) Cousin hand me down.

Jeans: From cousin. Gap.

Shoes: Predictions.

P.S. When I take my pictures at night, I just can't get them right! Please forgive this very bad post! However, it is similar to my very first outfit post: Today's Outfit.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Host Party!

I thought I reached a new low yesterday with my horrid outfit, but today, oh today, I did something that I've never done before! It started with having to take my aunt home at 8:15 in the morning. I did not have time to get dressed, so I simply put a jacket over my pajamas. Richard then said: "You have to put this on your blog." I said, "Do I really have to?" He said that I did. When I got home I realized that I had to get some groceries for dinner since we are having house guests for a few days. I did not feel like getting dressed, so I wore my pajamas to the store! I have never, ever worn pajamas to the store, but I guess there's a first time for everything. If I did not have to worry about repeating outfits, I would have just thrown on some jeans and a top as I did later in the day. But, I had to make sure it was not a top and jeans I had worn before.

I still have to write about the fabulous day I had on Saturday, but I have to put Hollis to bed and I cannot right now. Because of Passover and being behind schedule I had to take suspect pictures, but it's better than nothing I guess! I've included a picture of how I left the house this morning only to return and walk out to the grocery store! Talk about gauche!


This is my stepson trying to sabotage my photo session!

Cream Top (under layer): I got this at a thrift store in New York. It is a midriff bearing top and I really only wear it to bed or under things. When I was a younger woman, I would wear it in the summer on occasion. I wore it to bed last night!

Blue Sweater Vest (second layer): Got this on Jay Street in New York. Also seen in Science is Real!

Pink Belt: Thrift store purchase. Not sure where. Very old.

Shoes: Predictions.

Here is my morning glory:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bicycle Blues!

Today, Ayiko and I were supposed to go on a bike ride with an L.A. group called Black Kids On Bikes. Having used a bicycle as my primary form of transportation up until I had kids, I was excited to gather with a group of bicycle loving folk. I rode my bike until I was 6 months pregnant with Charlie, and I learned to drive a little while after that. I got my first driver's license at the ripe old age of 31, a rare occurrence for a California native. I really did do it for the environment, but any carbon points I may have gotten for not driving for 30 years, I have used up by having 3 kids.

Now, not using my bicycle as often as I would like means that I was not fully prepared for the ride today. My bike clearly had some issues, so I decided to use Richard's, which we shared for commuting to and from work for a while. I would ride to Santa Monica, leave the bike at his office, pick up the car and the kids, and he would ride the bike home. It was great fun and exercise, but it was nipped in the bud when I got a bronchial infection, and then, soon after my illness, I discovered I was pregnant.

Ayiko, was also not aware of the fact that she had a bad inner tube, so, once we were finally ready to cycle off into the sun, we realized we were not going very far. We called the skate shop Planet Maple where the black kids were meeting and they referred us to a place called Mike's Bike Shop. I had never been there, and I figured it would be a good idea to support a local business. It's a cute little shop and the owner Mike really knows his stuff. I learned this when I watched him discuss how he figured out that the bike a guy brought in to have serviced was a pre-war Schwinn from Ace Hardware in Chicago. Mike also told the man that there were no bicycle shops back then, people got their bikes at the hardware store. Interestingly, the man who brought in the special bike was the awesome photographer William Hawkes.

Since we couldn't ride, we decided to partake in one of our other favorite pastimes: Eating. We walked to the corner to chow at the ever-satisfying CJ's Cafe. It was perfect and Ayiko bumped into someone she knew. I also bumped into someone I knew as we were walking. At times, L.A. can be very a very small city!


I actually changed my pants from my bike riding pants because I didn't want to "waste" a biking outfit. As far as outfits go, this is pretty lame, but I added the necklace so I wouldn't feel so gauche. However, it is Sunday, which is the day of rest. On Sunday I give myself permission to take a break from fashions' rule, while still not repeating any outfits!

Tank: Champion. Target.

Pants: From Cousin. Old Navy.

Shoes: Fit Flops.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Birth of a Husband!

Today, rather than discuss what I did today, which was lovely and amazing, I will write about Richard because it is his birthday today, and I want to celebrate him!

Richard is an Aries like me. Even though Richard would pooh-pooh the whole notion of astrological planets bearing on his personality, he is an Aries through and through. He is strong-willed, fiery, confident, adventurous, and a force to be reckoned with.

In my search for a mate I did not have the foresight to imagine a man with the numerous qualities Richard possesses, but I was lucky that fate sent him my way. Richard laughs easily and heartily, he is generous and inclusive. He is usually well behaved and very easy going. He does not get stressed out. He is a California boy and computer geek. He has traveled the world and knows about the world. He is well read and knowledgeable, and truly one of the smartest people I have ever met. He is kind and handsome and forgiving and supportive and he is a very wonderful father. He works very hard to put food on our table, and a roof over our head, and he rarely complains. He is great at karaoke and a master at Scrabble too. He rocks, he rolls, and he is the best! He also is very, very helpful with running this blog and he always edits my work, so if there are typos, you know why! Thank you Dorothy for raising such a wonderful son!... Oh, I should also mention that Richard is a true blue Clippers Fan!!!!!!! (Which means he is an optimist!)

                                                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICHARD!!!


Dress: From my lovely cousin! Vintage!

Slip: Thrift store. Vintage.

Socks: Target.

Shoes: American Eagle.

Friday, March 26, 2010


The life of a sub is tough. Never knowing when you'll be called, if you'll be called. Going from class to class with different styles and different expectations. Some students are happy you're there, and some can't wait to get rid of you. Then, of course, there are the kids who try to tell you rules and regulations that don't exist. They want to play "Fool the Sub" with you. Luckily, I've been teaching long enough to know how to cut shenanigans off at the knee, and I can smell a rat from far away...

I got called at 6 a.m. asking if I could sub today, and I said "Yes". Then I remembered that Richard has jury duty and I had to take Leo to school, so I said "No". Taking Leo to school would mean getting to work a full hour later than the start of the school day. I said that if no one else could sub, I'd do it, but it would be better to have someone there on time. Wouldn't you know, no one else answered their phone?! I guess no one was expecting to get called on the last day before spring break. This was actually a great fortune for me, and I had a lot of fun. Today was "Dance Anywhere", and at 12 noon the whole school danced wherever they happened to be. I happened to be out on the yard at lunch with the kids, and when we heard Michael Jackson come through on the speakers, teachers, kids, and parents all danced. It looked like a scene from Fame! If the whole world did this, I'm sure we'd have less conflict. Imagine Congress, discussing health-care overhaul, and 12 o' clock comes then, BAM! Time to boogie! It would be hard to argue with someone after that. I can't wait to dance anywhere again!


Everything I'm wearing was given to me, except my shoes. I got dressed quickly, having to get all three kids dressed and fed and prepared and out!I was going for texture.

White shirt underneath: Gift from friend. Mossimo.

Black V sequined cami: From friend at clothing swap.

Gray Sweater: From friend. H&M.

Grey Seamed Jeans: From Cousin. Old Navy.

Belt: From friend.

Shoes: Predictions. Would I dress totally different if I didn't have such stylish friends?... 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jury Duty!

Richard had jury duty today, and he will have it for the next six days, which means I am on single mom duty. I had to get all the kids ready and out today, and bring entertainment and snacks for a full day out of the house. I left this morning with at least four bags of snacks, clothes, books and things I needed for the day. If Richard left the house for the whole day, he would bring one diaper and a package of wipes, but I always like to be prepared. We got home at 4:45 p.m. and I was completely spent. I was especially irritated because Leo knocked over a plant in someone's office when he shouldn't have been there in the first place. Hollis was a total trooper all day, and she kept me laughing by singing "We Will Rock You, which sounds like "Wee wuh, wee wuh, ah-ah!" when she sings it.


I knew it was going to be a park day, so I started with brown pants. At first I was just going to pair them with the cream sweater only, but I saw my maroon top peeking out of the closet, and I thought I'd try it. One of the things I am enjoying about this project is the new, unexpected, pairings of things I've tried in the name of stretching out my wardrobe. I turned the maroon shirt inside out, so that the white stitching on the cuffs would "pop". I really adore this maroon top and I can't wait to wear it on its' own. It has really lovely details!

Maroon Shirt: Goodwill. Antik Batik. Also worn in Into The Woods.

Cream Sweater: Old Navy.

Brown Pants: From friend. Lucky Brand.

Shoes: Airwalk.

Coat: From friend. Forever 21.

Both Leo and his friend Psipsina had incidents which led them to wear their 18 and 13 month old baby sisters' pants at the park. Even in pants 4 years too small, they look awesome! Ah, youth! You can also spot Erin, mommy and teacher extraordinaire, and Ajax in the background.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Love!

I really, really love babies. I love newborns, infants, toddlers... I have been into babies ever since I, myself was a little girl. When I was 7, I took care of my infant cousin while her dad was sleeping in another room, and I started babysitting professionally when I was 11.  I always had a rapport with babies, and I always felt that I understood them.

I love babies because they will dance any time they hear music. They are always excited about things, even things they've seen a hundred times before. You point out a flower or a bird or a dog to a baby, and they will smile and delight in it every time! A baby, especially a baby you know, will also smile and get excited when they see you, even if you just walked out of the room for a minute and came right back. A baby doesn't hold a grudge. A baby doesn't care if you're wearing the ugliest outfit in the world. Or if you are missing teeth. A baby might shy away from you if you look menacing or severe, but if they get to know you, they'll most likely befriend you. A baby lets you know when they need you to hold them, and a baby, especially a baby you know, will always give you a hug.

Now, don't get me wrong, I know babies aren't perfect, but they're pretty close!

I thought about this as I watched Hollis play this morning. Her joy, her innocence, her love for people, is infectious. It reminds me of human potential. We are so powerful, yet so vulnerable. And, if we're lucky, we are happy to be here!


Navy Dress: I got this at Goodwill, and I wore it under a skirt in Tuesday Blues.

Green Dress Underneath: From friend. Ella Moss. I wore it over another dress in MLK.

Tube top: I got this in a store in NYC called Weber's. I think we called it Weeber's because our friend's nickname was Weeber. They had a lot of dead-stock items, including a mess of blue and black tube tops which I bought up and distributed to my friends. Who can resist a sparkly tube top?

Shoes: Predictions. Hollis at Ben &Jerry's free cone day!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today was parent-teacher conference day! Parent-teacher conferences are one of the few times I can blab about my kids without feeling lame or guilty. Other times include: being with other parents who are totally happy blabbing about kids, and, talking to CLOSE friends and relatives who are sincerely interested in hearing about my kids. Other than that, I make an effort to talk about other things. Like the new health care bill, for example. Just today I got into a debate with my aunt about it, and then I had a second discussion about it with a man at Richard's office. It is a very juicy topic that is sure to delight for some time to come. It will be very interesting seeing how it all plays out.

It is also Free Ice Cream Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's! If you are reading this on the east coast, I hope you already had your cone, because it ends at 8:00 p.m.! Richard is coming home early so that we can all go to Ben & Jerry's to celebrate this auspicious event!


I started with the shoes and worked my way up! I wasn't sure if it is kosher to wear white shoes at this point in the year, but I haven't worn these yet, and I thought I would like to take them for a spin!

Shoes:  Kenzie. I saw these at Goodwill, and immediately tried them on. They looked brand new and they were my size! They also had gold detail and were T-Straps, which I love.

Pants: From Cousin. Gap.

Cream Shirt (under blue): Old Navy.

Blue Shirt: emma & sam. I love the crochet detail.

White sweater: From Cousin. Merona. As soon as I took it off for photos, Hollis made a bee-line for it!

Monday, March 22, 2010


I asked Richard to edit and publish my post at 5 p.m. and he said he would, but when I checked my emails at 8:47 p.m., he hadn't done it, thus the VERY late post!

... I was out all day shepherding the children and making sure they got to do all the things they needed to. Charlie decided that he wants to be in a school show, so he had to get to school early. I thought I would have time to do my post while he was rehearsing, but Hollis came with us and she is not one to sit around while Mama is at the computer! I dropped Hollis off at Aunt Janine's so I could enjoy Charlie's First Grade Potlatch celebration without distractions.  It was wonderful to see Charlie take pride in his presentation and hard work. The first grade potlatch is the culmination of their study of the Pacific Northwest Kwakiutl Indians.

After the potlatch, I scurried off to retrieve Hollis, then we hurried off to pick up Leo.We got Leo, who decided that he wanted some juice, so we trolled the 3rd Street Promenade, seeing sights and killing time before we had to fetch Charlie. Why am I telling you all this? I don't know. Basically to describe that I was running around all day which left me in a race to get my pictures taken and post done!


Since I was in "Mommy-at-school-function" mode, I decided to dress up a bit. It was a grey morning  upon rising, and this inspired my color palate.

Grey Sweater Coat: Goodwill. Forever 21.

Blue Knit Tank: Thrift Store. Urchin.

Grey Skirt: Goodwill. Zara.

Blue Tights: Hue. These were actually nude and I dyed them blue, because I thought it would be cool. I was dying a bunch of clothes for the boys that had a lot of stains, but were okay otherwise.

Shoes: Predictions.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Around My Closet in 80 days!

So this is day 80! Only 285 to go! Wow! The thought of putting together 285 "new" outfits is a little daunting, but I have a few strategies to see me through. One is not doing laundry. I know many a gal is familiar with the experience of putting off the laundry too long and getting stuck wearing something she would never wear on an ordinary day. I have a pile of laundry mounting up that will probably take a whole weekend to wash, but it's helpful. I have worn a few things that I haven't worn in years, or ever for that matter. Including the top I am wearing today. I bought it at a thrift store, of course. I immediately fell for the ruffle detail and sheer fabric, but I hung it up and never found an occasion or outfit to wear it with. When I tried it on in the past, it didn't seem right. It might not be right today, but I'm wearing it! My eye is on the prize! Oh, I would also like to assure everyone that I do make sure my sundries get washed with the boy's stuff. I am not one to go out without full coverage. Thongs?! Hell to the No! I need fabric on my ample bottom! I have never gone commando, and I never will. I do know many people who enjoy it though, and I say power to them!

I had a personal photo taking record of five photos today! That is progress. If I can do this everyday, I will save myself a lot of time. Time is fleeting and of the essence, so I'm hoping this is a trend.

I have been given a few suggestions and ideas that will keep my site humming along, and I will try to implement and work on them. Some of them involve technological things, so it might be a while. If you have ANY suggestions, or would like to do a guest post, let me know. I am still waiting for Richard's post on American sweatshops in the developing world. I am also going to host a clothing "Spring Clean" swap at my house sometime in the near future! I look forward to seeing what outfits emerge!


Shirt: Goodwill. Not sure what brand it is, but it was Made in the U.S.A.!

Camisole: I don't remember where this is from. I wear it under a lot of things though!

Jeans: From cousin. Gap.

Shoes: Predictions.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Pacific!

So, I plugged my friend's appearance in The Pacific incorrectly. That is, I said he would be appearing on March 27th in Episode 2, but he is appearing tomorrow night! He will be on screen at around 23 minutes into the episode. I am happy for him, but I am sad that I don't have HBO. I'm sure I'll figure out some way to see Mr. Matt Young in The Pacific!

I did stay in last night, but wouldn't you know I did not get my sick self into bed until well after 1 a.m.? I am so bad! However, I did sleep until around 9:30, so I feel pretty rested. Being a night owl would not be so bad if I were not in the profession I'm in, and if I did not have children. Although, truthfully, the boys entertain themselves in the morning, and Hollis is pretty self sufficient too. She will read to herself and play next to me, while I'm snoozing next to her. It could be worse. I could have super-early-riser-children-who-do not-know-how-to-play-by-themselves. I could also have a husband who is as bad as me when it comes to getting up in the morning. I do not. Richard gets up every morning even if he has gone to bed at 3:30 a.m., as he did the other night thanks to a work crisis. I do try to make sure he sleeps in at least one of the weekend days. Tonight is poker night, so tomorrow he gets to stay in bed!


Laying low today, so sporting comfy well-worn garments.

Shirt: Old Navy tank. I believe it was acquired at a clothing swap.

Skirt: Thrift store purchase. A line skirts are perfect for my pear shape. This is an old one, but I love the color!

Shoes: Mac & Jac.   I desperately need a pedicure. I have not had one since before Hollis was born! Maybe I'll treat myself for my birthday! I am also a fan of gold shoes!

Friday, March 19, 2010


I woke up today and rushed out of the house for a meeting. After the meeting I had to pick up HaHa and I convinced my cousin to hang out for lunch before she headed home to spend the whole weekend writing papers for school. After lunch was Leo pick up, followed by cousin drop off, and waiting for Charlie. On top of all this, I was feeling a little under the weather on account of too many days getting to bed after 1:30 a.m., and waking up at 7:30 a.m.... Will I ever conquer my bad habits?

I know Richard will hassle me about having such a short post, but I really don't feel up to it. Perhaps I can get sympathy somewhere else... Anyone?

I really am bummed I am not feeling well because I will not be able to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday, and I was invited to a social club to hear a band called The Painkillers, which I will be missing as well. I guess I'll be taking a rain check!


Shirt: This silk button down was given to me by a friend. Henri Bendel.

Jeans: From cousin. Gap.

Jacket: I got this at a thrift store in New York, I believe. I just thought the fabric and print were so incredible. It has some markings on it which lead me to believe it was handmade.

Shoes: Falchi by Carlos Falchi. I am a fan of red shoes, although not such a fan of pointy shoes. I like these though!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Early Summer!

So it seems that daylight savings time catapulted Los Angeles into summer! It has been balmy, warm, and it was 80 degrees yesterday. Mentally, I am not prepared. I need to work up to summertime, and wardrobe-wise, my mind is not there. I am still digesting spring trends and trying to figure out how to incorporate them into my challenge!

Speaking of trends, military style clothes are in and that gives me the perfect opportunity to mention that my dear friend and ex-roommate, Matt Young, will be appearing on HBO's The Pacific on Sunday, March 28th. He is the army captain whose moccasins get stolen in Episode 2. Matt and I went to NYU together and we lived in a brownstone in Park Slope with two other people. We happened upon The Slope when we were looking to get out of the ridiculous rent NYU was charging (I paid $900 a month to share a room with two other girls! No kitchen!). Brooklyn seemed like the way to go. Little did we know that Park Slope would blow up and gentrify in the few years after we moved there. I guess we moved there when all of it was about to pop off. We watched 7th avenue change as Barnes & Noble moved in, and some mom & pop shops moved out.We watched the stroller brigade take over the avenue as The Slope became the place to raise a family. Heck,  I would've happily raised a family there if I had met the right guy. But the New York men and I did not have a future. I needed to go back to my roots to meet the man I would marry, but that's another story.

I did spend three years living with a Park Slope native, who is still there today. He told me many interesting things about Park Slope's history, including the fact that it was pretty dumpy when he was a kid on account of an airplane crash that caused many people to abandon the area. His uncle was killed by the plane while selling Christmas trees on 7th Avenue! What are the chances of that? He and his uncle were real New York guys. God bless 'em!


Turquoise shirt: This is a Goodwill find, but it is Old Navy Maternity. I bought it when I was pregnant, but I would have gotten it even if I wasn't because of the embroidery. I just cant resist a piece of embroidered fabric!

Striped shirt: This was given to me by my best friend. You can buy vintage shoes from her at:

Jeans: From cousin. Gap.

Shoes: Mac & Jac.

I've included a picture of my crazy HaHa bear climbing the vacuum. She will climb anything. She actually pulled a ladder down at a friend's house the other day and was lucky there was a bed to catch it. She's been going up and down the stairs since she was about 7 months! So much for having a baby. She was a baby for a few months then she was off!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Luck of the Irish!

I am at least one quarter Irish, and I did have good luck today! It started with a 6:15 a.m. phone call asking me to sub. In this economy, that's lucky! I was also lucky to work with a teacher who I really adore and is just the cream of the crop as far as teaching goes. She is a master at her craft, and her classroom has a very special aura about it. I was Lucky a third time because Aunt Janine said she'd watch Hollis! All of this got my St.Patrick's day off to a good start!

I was not so lucky with morning traffic and parking, and also not lucky with my dead battery camera at lunch when I thought I'd get to work on my post. So, I'm doing my post now, when it is rather late. I don't like doing it this late, but I've got 365 days of this. I'm not always going to do it in a timely matter, much to Richard's chagrin.

After yesterday's post, Richard reminded me that people who work in developing countries where we pay them very little money to sew our clothes are doing it because it is their best option. I'll let him do a post on that, but I told him I'd mention it. I guess he wasn't feeling my post!


Honestly, I have no idea what I'm wearing, but I do know that it's got green in it! I started with the dress and added some underthings as I like to keep myself properly covered when working with kids!

Dress: Goodwill. Forever 21. I love the print and colors.

Grey pants: Goodwill. Express editor pant.

Turquoise shirt: Forever 21. This was a pregnancy purchase. It's got a lot of stretch!

Shoes: Fit Flops 

Hollis was extra clingy when we got home!