Birth of a project

I was getting dressed for a friend's birthday party and I didn't know what I was going to put on my body. I looked in my closet and it seemed empty, unpromising. I've had these moments before; everything was old, ill-fitting, or blah. I thought to myself, "Ugh! I have NOTHING to wear!" Then I began rifling through my closet and saw a forgotten shirt I loved and many more, and I realized I was crazy. I had plenty to wear, and plenty to choose from. My closet was FULL of treasures! At that moment I decided I would take a year to explore my closet and to add NOTHING new to my wardrobe.

I would create a NEW outfit for each day in order to maximize my wardrobe and shake up my style.

Basically, I would try to "snap out" of my fashion rut, and appreciate what I have.

It was my New Years' project:
One Closet, One Year.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Litter Bugs!

Yesterday, on my walk to the bus, I was struck by the amount of trash on our street, and the surrounding streets, and in the neighborhood in general. Disgusting. Infuriating!
 As a child I was part of a group at school that would pick up litter on the city streets. A teacher organized it, and I remember walking down Santa Monica Boulevard with trash bags and gloves. We were in elementary school, and we did not get credit for picking up trash. The teacher, I'm sure, didn't get paid extra for this labor. He did it, we did it, because we didn't want to see trash on our streets.

When I think about doing something like that today,  I know it would never be allowed. There's too much traffic now, and liability. I have done beach clean up with some of my classes, and it is satisfying. The children really love it, and there is a genuine sense of pride. That's the way I felt when we would do our street clean ups at school. Proud and responsible.

 The boys and I pick up trash when we see it, and we are quite diligent about it. However, where our street is concerned we have a problem: There is a junior high school down the block. Day after day, I watch kids stuff wrappers in our bushes, or drop paper as they pass. I can't imagine caring so little about the environment that I would just release whatever it was I was holding and leave it on the ground. It just seems so rude. And thoughtless. I wonder if their parents litter too, or if they would tell them not to drop their crap on the ground? I hope so, but I'm guessing no.


I was staying home except for a jaunt to the neighbor's house where a birthday celebration was taking place. When I searched through my drawers, I found this lovely top that I used to wear all the time. At some point it got stained, so I sewed these little red flowers on it that did not wash very well. I don't know why I've kept this top, I can't remember the last time I wore it... Maybe because it doesn't take up a lot of space?!

Top: Purchased in some small New York store ages ago. "Flowers" from Joanne's Fabrics.

Jeans: Big Sunday

Shoes: Fit Flops


  1. I'm sure you could try to organize and street clean up at least, just your street. Maybe get the school involved. Not tons of traffic on the street. It's a good thing for kids to learn conservation (don't litter, turn the water off, turn off lights, etc.) I still remember all those lessons from when we were in elementary school. It has a huge impact on kids so even if they were only cleaning up one little street it would have a effect on the whole neighborhood because they would be made aware of littering and many of them would stop for the rest of their lives and quite possibly teach their kids.

  2. You are right. I'll think about it!

  3. Layna: Not trying to be cruel, BUT, if you want to clean up the environment you will get rid of those used-to-be flowers on your top! When I first saw them, before I read the explanation I figured that they had to be something one of the kids had made, and you promised to wear it; that would have been understandable. How bad can the stain be, that you opt to wear droopy-down rags over it? I have hundreds of fabric flowers, if you would like to replace the faux weeping-willows on your chest. Just let me know.

  4. Oh my gosh, Aunt D! I am cracking up right now! You are hilarious!!! And right! I do need to replace them. I may be knocking on your door soon!!!! xoxo-S!