Birth of a project

I was getting dressed for a friend's birthday party and I didn't know what I was going to put on my body. I looked in my closet and it seemed empty, unpromising. I've had these moments before; everything was old, ill-fitting, or blah. I thought to myself, "Ugh! I have NOTHING to wear!" Then I began rifling through my closet and saw a forgotten shirt I loved and many more, and I realized I was crazy. I had plenty to wear, and plenty to choose from. My closet was FULL of treasures! At that moment I decided I would take a year to explore my closet and to add NOTHING new to my wardrobe.

I would create a NEW outfit for each day in order to maximize my wardrobe and shake up my style.

Basically, I would try to "snap out" of my fashion rut, and appreciate what I have.

It was my New Years' project:
One Closet, One Year.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Comedy Tonight!

This is the kind of day you want to be home, and lucky for me, I am! For the first time this week I was NOT called to sub. However, I had a great time these past four days. The class I was in was very settled and sweet. They were also very funny and reminded me of why I love teaching so much. That said, with the rain, it's nice I didn't have to go out with HaHa this morning.

Tonight I am thrilled because I get to see my cousin Tay Tay (Taylor Parker) do stand up at the Improv! She is hilarious and talented and beautiful and she is also Hollis' real mom. That is, Hollis, if given the choice between Taylor and me, will leap into Taylor's arms, and out of mine. I kid you not. She loves her some Taylor Parker. This just proves how smart HaHa is. Taylor is obviously the better choice. Taylor is also "The Cousin" when I say "I got this from my cousin" in my outfits section. She has given me several wonderful items of clothing. I am wearing two of them today!


Grey Sweater: From Tay Tay. Mossimo.

Maroon Dress: From Tay Tay.

Blue Dress: I got this in NYC at a street fair about 15 years ago. I wear it as an under layer often.

Boots: From Friend.


  1. Super cute. I'm reminded of how much innate style you truly have. You're one of those lucky folks who can get away with wearing almost anything and look good. That being said, you still know how to put a killer outfit together!

  2. Thank you, you two! I promise you, I would not look good wearing MANY things. I do know how to cover up my flaws!