Birth of a project

I was getting dressed for a friend's birthday party and I didn't know what I was going to put on my body. I looked in my closet and it seemed empty, unpromising. I've had these moments before; everything was old, ill-fitting, or blah. I thought to myself, "Ugh! I have NOTHING to wear!" Then I began rifling through my closet and saw a forgotten shirt I loved and many more, and I realized I was crazy. I had plenty to wear, and plenty to choose from. My closet was FULL of treasures! At that moment I decided I would take a year to explore my closet and to add NOTHING new to my wardrobe.

I would create a NEW outfit for each day in order to maximize my wardrobe and shake up my style.

Basically, I would try to "snap out" of my fashion rut, and appreciate what I have.

It was my New Years' project:
One Closet, One Year.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Jean Time!

I haven't worn jeans since my birthday (13 days ago), so I am wearing them today dag-nabbit!  I have been avoiding them because they are my go-to item, and I'm trying to mix it up, right? My favorite friends, they are. A uniform of sort. Jeans, jeans, the magical suit. The more you wear them the more you- scoot?... I don't know... Moving on.

It is refreshing to go to a parent-teacher conference and to have all of your fears laid to rest. I am happy to report that Leo's teachers had nothing but praise for our little guy and said that he has grown SO much since he first entered pre-school. He is helpful, communicative, social, and they love him! I am so relieved! I guess Leo saves all of his antics for home, which is as it should be!

We are having family lady time right now. The twin mamas (my mom and my aunt) , my cousin (really my half-sister genetically), Haha, and me! I'm going to keep it short on account of this!


Floral Shirt: Salvation Army. High school purchase. Pebbi of California. Seen in My Seventies Style!

Maroon Silk Shirt: Friend hand me down. City DKNY.

Jeans: From cousin. Gap.

Shoes: Mossimo.        

When I was cooking today I turned around to get something out of the cupboard and when I turned back around Haha was standing on the counter. I've included photographic evidence. I told you she has some questionable habits! 


  1. When Lesley saw that picture of Ha Ha she had to lay down for overwhelming of cuteness.

    And I loved the jeans poem. Cute, cute.

  2. Oh Thank you! You are always so complimentary! I am waiting for the shoe to drop!

    This shirt is from Anna too! Give Lesley a big squeeze for me!