Birth of a project

I was getting dressed for a friend's birthday party and I didn't know what I was going to put on my body. I looked in my closet and it seemed empty, unpromising. I've had these moments before; everything was old, ill-fitting, or blah. I thought to myself, "Ugh! I have NOTHING to wear!" Then I began rifling through my closet and saw a forgotten shirt I loved and many more, and I realized I was crazy. I had plenty to wear, and plenty to choose from. My closet was FULL of treasures! At that moment I decided I would take a year to explore my closet and to add NOTHING new to my wardrobe.

I would create a NEW outfit for each day in order to maximize my wardrobe and shake up my style.

Basically, I would try to "snap out" of my fashion rut, and appreciate what I have.

It was my New Years' project:
One Closet, One Year.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Last Saturday!

I never wrote about my lovely Saturday last week because I wrote about Richard instead. My aunt and her friends came over and we had a tasty lunch and fabulous female powwow. One of the women is celebrating a birthday today, so we had a little pre-birthday celebration. She is an inspiration and a joy to be around! Happy Birthday Naomi! And many more!!!

It is always wonderful to be with women who have experienced more of life than you, and who are willing and able to share their wisdom. My gorgeous and brilliant friend Ayiko also joined us later in the afternoon, and then she and I went to the benefit performance of A Rose Among Thorns. Ella Joyces' performance was absolutely stunning and I learned some things about Rosa Parks I never knew before. Her performance called to mind how much the world has changed and how far we still have to go. It is unfathomable to think of all of the heartbreak and evil people of color had to endure. All of that suffering for my generation to be born into a better world. Crazy.

And still people suffer.
And still the world is better.
The beat goes on I suppose.


Grey shirt: I got this when I was pregnant, although it is not specifically maternity. It was very cute when I had a big round tummy, but it kind of hangs funny now. I decided it works best over something.
Forever 21.

Floral Shirt: Goodwill. Clio. Seen in Blursday.

Jeans: From Cousin Taylor. She has a new blog too! Check it out! Old Navy.

Shoes: I adore these shoes, and I think they are dying. I got them at a shoe store in Park Slope long ago. They are super comfortable because they have rubber heels and you can wear them all night with no pain which I did a lot when I bought them.  Janet & Janet.


  1. "And still people suffer.
    And still the world is better.
    The beat goes on I suppose. "

    This is the most important thing you said. Because you can say it and understand it, this generation - mine - will know that when we are gone there are brilliant people to carry on the work of love and peace by living it every day. I love you.

  2. Thank you Maia. I love you too. Love and peace.xo.