Birth of a project

I was getting dressed for a friend's birthday party and I didn't know what I was going to put on my body. I looked in my closet and it seemed empty, unpromising. I've had these moments before; everything was old, ill-fitting, or blah. I thought to myself, "Ugh! I have NOTHING to wear!" Then I began rifling through my closet and saw a forgotten shirt I loved and many more, and I realized I was crazy. I had plenty to wear, and plenty to choose from. My closet was FULL of treasures! At that moment I decided I would take a year to explore my closet and to add NOTHING new to my wardrobe.

I would create a NEW outfit for each day in order to maximize my wardrobe and shake up my style.

Basically, I would try to "snap out" of my fashion rut, and appreciate what I have.

It was my New Years' project:
One Closet, One Year.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mad Monday!

Okay. Today wasn't mad, but I couldn't think of a title for my post. It was a little maddening trying to get the boys to clean up, as per usual. I have nothing to wax poetic about today, but I am excited because my mom is coming for a visit! That means an extra pair of hands around when the kids are driving me nutso! I am also hoping that it means time to catch up with some of my friends and myself. We shall see. It always nice to have my mom around. She is a fun and sweet person!


I got this dress when I worked in admissions and it is pretty boring, although I do like the print. I have not worn it for at least three years. Since I am not at liberty to get rid of any clothes at this time, I decided I would wear this today as I was staying home due to rain and missing wallet and no shoes for Hollis ( I left my bag/HaHa's diaper bag in the car after last night's festivities, and Richard drove off to work with it). 

Since I hate the plain cut of this dress, I decided to make it more exciting and better for nursing by turning it inside out, wearing it backwards, and using the belt and zipper to re-fashion it. Another thing in my bag was the camera, so I had to wait to take pictures, and the light was fading. Hopefully, you can still see the details.

Hot Gossip: The Easter Bunny is on strike after being taken advantage of by corporate moguls and plushies and furries!

Dress: Goodwill. Limited America.

Shirt: Forever 21.

Shoes: Miz Moos by Gazith.


  1. I dig this outfit. It looks cute. Sorry you're not a fan.

    And I'm excited to see Mama Justine too. It's always nice to have her here. I'm hoping she stays super long this time. Hear the Painless Mama?

  2. You are too kind! See you bright and early!


  3. Layna: I love that dress. If after this project is over you no longer want the dress, please let me have it; I would love to "re-design" it into a dress for Hollis. A cute little dress with a big white collar.
    Aunt D

  4. I will gladly send it your way! I can't wait to see what you do with it! xoxo-S!